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About Dream. Do. Live. Love.

If you’ve been waiting to achieve something big — memorable, remarkable, exciting — here you can get inspired with practical advice on making your dreams happen.

The forthcoming book and the DreamDoLiveLove.com website are both broken down into four sections:

Dream: Thinking about and visualizing what you want in the grand scheme of things, then breaking that down into manageable pieces.

Do: Plotting the specific course, and taking specific actions toward achieving your target.

Live: Experiencing, managing and recalibrating your path as needed to get where you’re going.

Love: Enjoying the process, appreciating what you have achieved… and fueling yourself up to reach your next goal!

Note: The website contains a variety of content from various sources, presented to offer additional perspectives on topics. The views expressed on each of the articles are those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Nancy J Price/DreamDoLiveLove.com.







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