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What’s a mindmap? Get some examples

Mapping your mind

blank-mind-mapWhat is a mind map? Put simply, it’s a type of diagram, used to help you outline information in a visual format. But really, a mindmap can be anything you need it to be.

It begins with a single concept, located in the center of the map, and other ideas, tasks, keywords and/or thoughts are appended. Items can be categorized, with the map creating branches leading out from the central concept.

See several examples of mind-maps below.

Mindmap software

Here are seven programs, presented in alphabetical order, that you can try to create your own mindmaps with the help of your computer. (Note: I have not tried all of these sites.)

  1. Coggle
  2. FreeMind
  3. Freeplane
  4. MindMeister
  5. MindMup
  6. VUE
  7. XMind

Mapping what you’re learning

by Sacha Chua

Mapping what you're learning-sasha-chua


Mindmap sample

by Maxim Saltanov
example-mindmap-Maxim Saltanov


Ways to be creative – mind map

Content is king! by Brett Taylor

brett taylor content is king mindmap


Computer science mind-map

By Till Tantau – The PGF/TikZ manual

computer-science-mindmap by Till Tantau


Thanks, gratitude and blessings mind map

by Lena


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